How to invest in cryptocurrency?

Blockchain technology has been growing in popularity in the past several months. The cryptocurrency went from less than $1,000 in June to a record price $5,013 observed on September 1. This shows how much potential got cryptocurrencies market. It’s good to remember that there is a difference between investing in a cryptocurrency and investing in regular stock. When you choose to invest in a company, what you get is a very small percentage of it. Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum gives you a virtual money or a piece of the power that runs decentralized apps and smart contracts.

The most popular cryptocurrencies to invest in

investing cryptocurrency Bitcoin: For now, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. The price of the cryptocurrency has increased about 650 million %. Moreover, the original design of Bitcoin ensured that is only 21 million of coins. What’s important, the cryptocurrency technology of Bitcoin isn’t subject to inflation. Ethereum: It’s the second most popular cryptocurrency. The price of Ethereum is lower than Bitcoin, for now, it’s 328$ for 1 ETH. What’s interesting, in May the price of Ethereum was only 90$ for 1 ETH. As you can see, this cryptocurrency has potential. Litecoin: Litecoin has risen from 8$ for 1 LTC in April to 77$ in September. The peer-to-peer digital currency is very similar to Bitcoin. What’s more, low price of Litecoin can encourage new crypto investors. Monero: It’s an open-source cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote protocol. During the year 2016, the market capitalization of Monero rapidly growth from 5M$ to 18M$. Now in September 2017, it’s 1,7$ billion. Bitcoin Cash: In August 2017, Bitcoin Cash launched. It's almost identical to Bitcoin but has more block size capacity. The price of the cryptocurrency in September is about 650$. If you owned Bitcoin before the release, then you received an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash.

How to Invest in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a basic for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are many ways to invest in cryptocurrency technology without spending your money. The first option is crowdfunding platforms. Blockchain start-ups and software studios specialized in cryptocurrency technology are looking for new solutions to gather money. A platform called BnkToTheFuture allows investors to invest their money into Bitcoin and blockchain startups and software houses. Another way is to invest in the initial coin offerings, ICOs or new blockchain projects. Blockchain companies give cryptocurrencies or other tokens through ICOs to raise capital.

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