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We are a software studio pushing the technology of cryptocurrency and blockchain to a new level.

“Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion,” said Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

We couldn’t agree more. That’s the reason why we have decided to invest our time and knowledge in a development of cryptocurrencies. Our main task is to make your transactions easier. As a group of people with professional experience, we are aware that market of cryptocurrencies is variable. That’s why our private interest in this trade is very helpful.

We are specialists in technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. According to this, we create new solutions that make virtual transactions safer.

In Verified Solutions, we try to make blockchain simpler to analyze and understand. Not only for the companies but for all the people.

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Creating exchange platforms

We are a software development company passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
Meet us and find out who we are!

Adam Bicz

CTO & Founder

Kajetan Maćkowiak

CEO & Founder

...and 20+ programmers are working with us!

Our ventures

We have experience building multiple businesses handling and dealing with cryptocurrencies, here is a list:


Paycoiner is the cryptocurrency payment platform built to simplify payments made with cryptos. With paycoiner, you can do any cryptocurrency payment. Furthermore, we created our solution to make it easy to use and intuitive.

Risk-free, completely secure with provable results - with one partner and one platform.

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We created an app where you can safely store and trade your cryptocurrencies.

Application is available for Android and iOS.

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Do you want to keep up with information from the world of BCC and BTC? Blockchain24 is a platform where you'll find everything you need to know in this business.

Information from the world of cryptocurrencies, curiosities, tips and current currency rates - all in one place.

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Buy bitcoins with a credit card.

Our process is very simple and transparent. Just choose the amount of BTC you would like to purchase, click "buy bitcoins now" and proceed with the purchase. When the transaction will be finished - you will receive your bitcoins.

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Quick and safe investing at innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform.CoinDeal has originated from years of experience in the cryptoworld. One of our best assets is theoretical knowledge combined with practical experience in trading.

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Our services

By using the latest technology, we create solutions that simplify the purchase process or store virtual currency. In our activities, we focus on Bitcoin. It is currently the most popular cryptocurrency that has achieved spectacular results on the stock exchanges. Cryptocurrency market is expanding and its perspectives are really promising. Bitcoin payments are becoming more and more accessible, and the availability of services that you can pay for in this way.


Buying Bitcoin

We have a few platforms connected to a Bitcoin figure. Verified Solutions is a structure that includes all these brands in one place under its name. They all together help in possessing BTC and setting it up. The major website is letting a customer to make a transaction. The process of buying cryptocurrency is very simple and transparent. In a short explanation - a customer just need to choose the amount of BTC that it would like to purchase, then it clicks “buy bitcoins now” and when the transaction will be finished, it will receive its bitcoins.

All steps are easy and intuitive. On there is also an application called, where users can sell BCC in exchange for BTC. DumpBCC is a quick way of doing that. The next platform is Blockchain24. You will find there all information you need in this business. Information from the world of cryptocurrencies, curiosities, tips and current currency rates - all in one place.

Useful tools of Bitcoin

While expanding our services, we created also a new platform that is called Coindeal. Coindeal is a platform for cryptanalytic transactions and, alternatively, serves as a competition for users wishing to play with the e-currency, which allows them to feel really serious. We always try to facilitate all the things concerning Bitcoin, that is why we’ve arranged useful payments gateway that is This is actually the cheapest provider on the market. By using Bitcoinapi, accepting bitcoin payments is very simple. The application guarantees complete security. In case of losing some satoshi, Bitcoinapi will help to get it back. The same question when transaction is overpaid or underpaid. Our unique solution solves this problem entirely.

There is also a platform blockchainbcc - the place to check bitcoin cash transactions from bitcoin cash blockchain. A new digital currency called "bitcoin cash" was created on 01.08.2017 by the splitting of the bitcoin blockchain.

Everyone who held bitcoin before the split was entitled to receive the same number of "bitcoin cash" tokens. This is in practice very convenient - you can see in one place transaction details.

All of the topics described above make up the Verified Solutions brand. If you are interested in our services, please contact us!


Little bit of history...

The value of Bitcoin has never been so high. The most popular cryptocurrency found its way to hearts and wallets of many people. In the beginning, you could get 1309 BTC for 1$. First transaction ever made in Bitcoin was a purchase of pizza for 10 000 BTC (about 10$). At the current rate you would pay about 41 million $ for the same pizza.

In the past, the digital currency had its ups and downs. In November 2013, index price of Bitcoin reached a highest point of 979$, since the release. Not long after it dramatically fell in May 2014 to the point of 442$.

Since that time, index price of this cryptocurrency steadily has been growing. In June 2017, Bitcoin went up from trading at about 1000$ to more than 2800$. Next decrease in value happened a month later, in July 2017, index price tumbled down to about 2200$.

At the beginning of August, users of Bitcoin experienced a historical moment - creation of a new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash. Traders were speculating that this split would have a big influence on the price index of Bitcoins but this cryptocurrency just hit its record price almost 20 000$.

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