VerifiedSolutions Officially Belongs to BlockchainHouse

Creation of applications based on blockchain technology or new solutions to help your business accept payments in cryptocurrencies - this is the task for VerifiedSolutions, the software house that specializes in blockchain usage and cryptocurrency solutions. By creating the umbrella brand called, our team connected all services and companies.

VerifiedSolutions Officially Belongs to BlockchainHouse

Brands creating

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies became really popular in the last few years. The services we provide and the brands we created are the answer for market's and industry's needs. The core of the whole company is MoreFromIt and VerifiedSolutions. These two companies are software houses where our programmers create tailor-made products. is, in that case, a regular software house offering creation of websites and applications of every kind. is also a software house but focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions.


The next two brands are highly connected with cryptocurrencies themselves. BuyCoinNow and, freshly rebranded - paycoiner. is a service that allows you to buy the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The project has succeeded by offering one the lowest fee and the possibility of paying with credit cards like MasterCard or Visa, but also via DotPay. Clients who don’t have Euro currency can also choose to pay with GBP, USD or PLN.

Recently rebranded is a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies thanks to which the clients can readily accept the most popular cryptos like Bitcoin or Litecoin in their shop.


After gathering all the knowledge and experience in the cryptocurrency world, the time has come for even bigger projects. The cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinDeal is a project which verified all the previous works, especially the programmers’. Soon after the platform had been launched, our team was sure it was a right decision because of its fast success. After just 3 months of running, daily volume reached $1,000,000. The culmination of the work was the recently signed partnership. has become an official global partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC at the same time becoming the first exchange platform which made this kind of cooperation with a football team from Premier League.

Promotion of all these brands was a challenge that our marketing team handled perfectly. Not only by getting new receivers but also by increasing the involvement of the current audience.

The birth of RockThatChain, in that case, was pretty natural. The marketing team specializes in the promotion of cryptocurrencies or blockchain solutions. The past year, when crypto advertising was banned on Facebook and other social media channels, not only prepared the team for crisis situations but also teach us a lesson. But isn’t only addressed to projects connected with cryptoworld but, first of all - it is a marketing agency which is not afraid of challenges.


Being up-to-date with everything that happens in cryptocurrency world helped our team to create information portal. On not only experience traders will find some interesting content, but also “so-called” newcoiners can learn a lot from prepared guides.


As a summary, BlockchainHouse consists:


Every brand has its face

In BlockchainHouse we have 5 of them, because no company can be successful without good leadership. Adam Bicz and Kajetan Maćkowiak, the founders of BlockchainHouse, are the ones who run the whole machine. The history between the two of them is pretty simple. Bicz and Maćkowiak met almost by accident a few years ago and after a short talk, they noticed that together they perfectly complement each other on the business level. Short after that, they started a company.

As the companies got bigger and bigger, Bicz and Maćkowiak were looking for “Everyman” who would help to control the projects. That’s how Paweł Panowicz become a member of BlockchainHouse family as a COO in BlockchainHouse working on buttoning up every project.

All the companies wouldn’t be in the place they are now, if not the work of the Marketing Department. Łukasz Mirytiuk as CMO in BlockchainHouse is controlling the work of all marketing specialists and, at the same time, he is the strategist in RockThatChain.

When the deal is settled, the project’s in work - it’s time to do the paperwork. For financial stuff in BlockchainHouse, Zbigniew Kuryłek is responsible. He is a CFO in BlockchainHouse.

Are you interested?

As you can see, BlockchainHouse presents a vast offer of cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. There isn’t a project we couldn’t handle. If you want to provide cryptocurrency payments in your company, contact paycoiner. Do you need to buy BTC? Check BuyCoinNow. Do you need to create a project based on blockchain? VerifiedSolutions will help you. If you need to promote your, already existing, project - RockThatChain will make it happen.

As you can see, all the companies that belong to BlockchainHouse are perfectly complementing each other. Because as we state: "A synergy and trust are the two elements that make every project and business successful."


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