The summary of 2017 - our projects

This year was very productive for our company - VerifiedSolutions. First of all, we achieved our goals and exceeded all expectations. The biggest of our achievements is definitely building the team of diverse people who are connected by the passion in their actions.

During 2017, VerifiedSolutions has created three big projects which grown up very quickly and turned out to become very successful. As a software house, we are specializing in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and all the topics connected with a world of cryptocurrencies.

The summary of 2017 - our projects


As the popularity of digital currencies was growing, we saw the opportunity in creating a currency exchange to allow users change their fiat money for digital ones. Our service was designed to become very ease of use and intuitive. On the main page of BuyCoinNow, you can find a video guide of how to make a transaction of buying Bitcoin which can help if someone is doing it for the first time. To provide quick transactions, a user can pay for Bitcoin with a credit card like Visa or MasterCard. Soon after the start of our currency exchange, we have implemented payments via DotPay as well. Below the video guide, an user can use a converter. By typing the chosen amount of BTC or fiat currency, he can know in a second how much money he will get or have to pay. BuyCoinNow doesn’t limit its users by allowing to exchange only one fiat currency. A user can exchange his USD, EUR, GBP or PLN for Bitcoin. What’s more, to help users and simplify all the process, a user can send all the bought BTC for his wallet immediately.

The success of our currency exchange is real. After over 5 months from releasement of a website, BuyCoinNow has provided almost 4 thousand transactions. What’s more, the difference between a first month and the second was over 550%! Another curiosity is the fact that the biggest transaction was made for over $5,000. It’s obvious that success is partially measured in numbers. During 5 months of BuyCoinNow, users (jointly) made transactions for 3 million dollars.


BitcoinApi is a project that has been created to meet the needs of business clients. It is a payment gateway that allows the customers of your shopping platform to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You, as an owner of a shop, will receive payment on your account. You can withdraw the money anytime you need to your wallet. Bitcoinapi has one of the lowest fees on the market, depends on the volume.

This project is another one of our successful services. We can proudly say that we helped to make over 6 000 transactions for more than $7 million turnover.

One of the facilitation is the solution Bitcoinapi is offering in the case when a customer won’t pay the full amount in one tranche. The customer will get the unique address of transaction to which he can constantly send its money. is another one of VerifiedSolutions’ projects that is connected with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is an information portal with the hottest news and tips from cryptocurrency world. Journalists are working hard to bring the readers information form around the world as it all has a huge influence on the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies. During 3 months of portal’s existence, the statistics show that the number of daily readers increased from 215 to almost 3 thousand! is running two channels of communication with its audience. On its fan page on Facebook, the number of fans has risen from 504 to 5045.

One of the facilities on is a newsletter with monthly exchange ranking of cryptocurrencies. It turned out to be very popular as over 500 readers have decided to left their email address.

During the development of information portal, the team has decided to change a corporate image to more technical by the change of logo and look of a website. Since then, a reader can choose which cryptocurrencies’ exchange rate he wants to see. What’s more, navigation on a website has been simplified.

It is not over

ICO gives us the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency under pre-sales, which is even before it enter the exchange market, at promotional prices. When the new currency hits the stock exchange, buyers can trade it. We can say that an ICO allows you to collect capital through startups, by using cryptocurrencies.

How to use an ICO?

We don’t rest on our laurels. We are continuously improving our services and projects to make them even better and as innovative as they can be. We value the time, that’s why VerifiedSolutions is creating new solutions in blockchain technology in short period.

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