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As a software house specialized in cryptocurrency technology, we would like to provide information in an accessible way. That’s why we have created information portal where you can find curiosities, tips and actual news.

Blockchain24.co is created by enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Authors not only deliver news but also easily explain difficult topics to help others understand the subject. Blockchain technology, hard forks and splits - it’s pretty bright after reading an article on www.blockchain24.co.

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The most popular article is “Why does China want to forbid cryptocurrency trade?”. It was the hottest news at that time fully explained the topic. Besides the news updated daily, authors provide information from China’s market thanks to the command of a Chinese language. That’s how our information portal was one the first which shared news from Nineteenth National Congress in China.

What’s more, our portal is not only filled with the news but also tips and rankings like “Top 5 websites where you can buy Bitcoin”. This types of articles are very popular because in a short form there are provided a lot of information.


As we all know that in a cryptocurrency world isn’t only Bitcoin, we are searching and presenting curiosities about alts like Ethereum or Litecoin. Our portal isn’t just for advanced traders but also for those who just get to know about cryptocurrencies. We are offering guides like “How to start with Bitcoin” to help others with investing.

On www.blockchain24.co you can also find current rate of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

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