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ICO – The Revolution Of The Cryptocurrency Market
ICO has become a new revolutionary way to support startups on their way of development. Making money with the blockchain technology is now easy and available for everyone. ...
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VerifiedSolutions Officially Belongs to BlockchainHouse
Creation of applications based on blockchain technology or new solutions to help your business accept payments in cryptocurrencies - this is the task for VerifiedSolutions...
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The summary of 2017 - our projects
This year was very productive for our company - VerifiedSolutions. First of all, we achieved our goals and exceeded all expectations. The biggest of our achievements is definitely building the team of diverse people who are connected by...
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ICO - Initial coin offering
Not such a long time ago, an ICO became a real monumental innovation, that attracts attention of many startups. If you have read our last article, we’re sure you know exactly what is Ethereum. ...
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A place full of news about cryptocurrencies
As a software house specialized in cryptocurrency technology, we would like to provide information in an accessible way. That’s why we have created information portal where ...
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Ethereum – the rising star
Ethereum has been called the rising star of the cryptocurrency world. Many people have thought that bitcoin would be the only one in the spotlight, but seems like it may have a ...
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Is blockchain really safe?
If you think about blockchain technology, your first connotation probably is Bitcoin. Nothing unusual. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were the first implementations of blockchain technology. ...
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How to invest in cryptocurrency?
Blockchain technology has been growing in popularity in the past several months. The cryptocurrency went from less than $1,000 in June to a record price $5,013 observed on ...
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